Adrienne J

Within 24 hours of listing my downtown condo, Corey pulled off a nearly impossible feat, bringing me a solid full price offer, well above the property’s assessed value. I’m so glad I called Corey based on a friend telling me how he got multiple offers on his condo, way above the asking price. I hestitated and didn’t call Corey right away. I was worried, hearing of the decline in prices and the slowdown in the market. Finally, I called him at what’s considered the worst possible time to sell, just before the Christmas holidays.

What I appreciate about Corey is with his years of experience, he was able to give me saavy advice about what needed to be done. I had procrastinated because I wasn’t sure if I could sell my apartment as is or if it need to be renovated. Did I need to replace appliances? Should I buy furniture or pay for staging? Corey and I walked through the apartment, estimated costs and he was able to quickly assess whether he could sell as is or whether he could recoup any fix-up costs.

In my situation, I just needed to thoroughly clean the apartment, remove some furniture and incorporate a few staging suggestions recommended by Corey. However, I wanted some time to make arrangements to get these chores done. Corey firmly but gently advised me to try to get it done by the end of the week rather than let the calendar slide into December so we could get the maximum number of motivated buyers in before the holiday season kicked in.

I’m soooo glad I trusted Corey to take action and get everything done that week. He in turn quickly made arrangements to have a photographer come in to take photos on a Sunday. As soon as those were ready, he got my condo listed and started working the phones. Then bam — less than a week after meeting Corey, he called me with an offer.

Plus the buyer wanted to close quickly. Corey easily worked through the few minor revisions. He recommended a reasonably priced, efficient notary who could do a quick turnaround on the paperwork. From start to finish, in a little over three weeks, I had money in the bank and peace of mind that my condo was sold for a decent offer at one of the highest square footage prices in my building to date.

I would highly recommend and use Corey again. He was ever so prepared and came to our initial meeting with market comps in hand. So we were able to jointly determine a fair asking price and come up with a swift action plan of what needed to be done.

Sure, it’s a tough real estate market out there. But with a realtor, like Corey, with hustle and sage advice, he’s the right guy to get your property sold.