• Tatianna Taylor-Tait
    Tatianna Taylor-Tait
    Corey was an amazing agent to have! I highly recommend working with him. Our home was on the market for over 6 months with no offers and as soon Corey Zach took over the listing we got an offer in the first 6 days!!! You will not be disappointed.
  • Katie Griffin
    Katie Griffin

    Corey helped us purchase our first home, sell our first and then purchase our second home. We have been so impressed with his responsiveness, professionalism and support! He made sure we didn’t settle when looking for our dream home, and I always felt like our satisfaction was the priority. I highly recommend his services!

  • Linda Mira
    Linda Mira

    Corey is absolutely amazing! As a first time homeowner, I had no previous experience with the buying process, the terminology, the timeline or paperwork. Corey made all the difference in what our experience was- he was kind and patient, he was extremely responsive and prompt, and he took the time to walk us through everything and explain whatever we had questions about. He made us feel comfortable and safe, I had a bad experience with a notary and he didn’t hesitate to jump in and intervene when I was unsure about the paperwork/what I was signing. Super knowledgeable and made everything stress free.

    Corey is also the man you need when it comes to closing deals! The Vancouver market is very competitive and he made it happen. Highly recommend and will be using him for everything going forward!

  • Reece Griffin
    Reece Griffin

    We’ve purchased 2 homes now with Corey; and I’ve loved working with him. There are many things that you might find important in a realtor, but a few of the standouts for me regarding Corey are:

    1) Super hard working.. he’s a hustler – guaranteed if you’re working with him you’re going to have your pics in on time & if you’re working on a deal, he just keeps going until the job is done. He’s fought for us twice to get below or at asking deals, exchanged texts and emails until midnight if necessary if there’s a deal on the line etc.. He’s never going to drop the ball on you.

    2) He’s fun to work with / genuine. This is important; invariably you’ll spend a lot of time with your realtor & there will no doubt be some ups and downs. Try and enjoy it as much as you can (often a hard ask).

    I’d highly recommend him to anyone!

  • Claudia Wang
    Claudia Wang
    If you want to buy or sale a property, this is an absolutely right guy you should go with, very professional, knowledgeable, and ready to give you a hand anytime you need. I had a very good experience with him when i bought my place, highly recommend, and he will bring good luck to you.
  • Alex Dembinski
    Alex Dembinski
    Corey Zach and Daniela Cabral helped me find my first home in downtown Vancouver. They both made the house hunt a breeze by providing listings that fit my criteria, showing me countless properties, and being accessible anytime for questions. I highly recommend you contact Corey and Daniela to find the perfect property that fits your needs!
  • Nick Tailor
    Nick Tailor
    Let’s see, what can I tell you about Corey Zach. A better way for you to understand… There are a lot of realtors in Vancouver. Lots of pretty faces, nice legs, years of experience, etc. Corey Zach is not like everyone else…The moment you meet the guy you will see that he stands out from the crowd. You don’t have to take my word on it, go sit with him and chat.. I dare you. I had a home that i needed to sell. I wanted top dollar, because I was making a huge change in my life. I didn’t have time to waste time on someone who may get the job satisfactorily completed. I dropped my first realtor and hired Corey. Suffice to say he didn’t disappoint. If you want something done right in real estate, you don’t hire “everybody else”. You get a “SHARK”, and that is what Corey Zach is. Within a week he got me a butt load of $$$$$. Now I live in London, England. If it wasn’t for his help I would be stuck in Vancouver chasing my dream/vision instead of living it. My parents, similar situation had a realtor and months went by. I said hire the shark…sure enough they finally did, within a week. The shark once again didn’t disappoint. My family was very pleased. Long story short, don’t get puppy to do a sharks job.
  • Dinesh Tailor
    Dinesh Tailor
    Corey, thank you for helping us sell our home. Your insight and professionalism is the best in the business. Thank you
  • Brian and Chelsea
    Corey has helped me sell my first home and buy my second. If you want someone to make your experience a breeze, he is your guy. Both transactions were stress free and seamless to say the least. He was extremely knowledgeable in the two very different market locations (Richmond and Chilliwack), I couldn’t have been happier with his results. Without question Corey will be the realtor for myself, my friends, and my family for years to come!! If you are buying or selling a home I would recommend Corey without hesitation!
  • Adrienne J
    Adrienne J

    Within 24 hours of listing my downtown condo, Corey pulled off a nearly impossible feat, bringing me a solid full price offer, well above the property’s assessed value. I’m so glad I called Corey based on a friend telling me how he got multiple offers on his condo, way above the asking price. I hestitated and didn’t call Corey right away. I was worried, hearing of the decline in prices and the slowdown in the market. Finally, I called him at what’s considered the worst possible time to sell, just before the Christmas holidays.

    What I appreciate about Corey is with his years of experience, he was able to give me saavy advice about what needed to be done. I had procrastinated because I wasn’t sure if I could sell my apartment as is or if it need to be renovated. Did I need to replace appliances? Should I buy furniture or pay for staging? Corey and I walked through the apartment, estimated costs and he was able to quickly assess whether he could sell as is or whether he could recoup any fix-up costs.

    In my situation, I just needed to thoroughly clean the apartment, remove some furniture and incorporate a few staging suggestions recommended by Corey. However, I wanted some time to make arrangements to get these chores done. Corey firmly but gently advised me to try to get it done by the end of the week rather than let the calendar slide into December so we could get the maximum number of motivated buyers in before the holiday season kicked in.

    I’m soooo glad I trusted Corey to take action and get everything done that week. He in turn quickly made arrangements to have a photographer come in to take photos on a Sunday. As soon as those were ready, he got my condo listed and started working the phones. Then bam — less than a week after meeting Corey, he called me with an offer.

    Plus the buyer wanted to close quickly. Corey easily worked through the few minor revisions. He recommended a reasonably priced, efficient notary who could do a quick turnaround on the paperwork. From start to finish, in a little over three weeks, I had money in the bank and peace of mind that my condo was sold for a decent offer at one of the highest square footage prices in my building to date.

    I would highly recommend and use Corey again. He was ever so prepared and came to our initial meeting with market comps in hand. So we were able to jointly determine a fair asking price and come up with a swift action plan of what needed to be done.

    Sure, it’s a tough real estate market out there. But with a realtor, like Corey, with hustle and sage advice, he’s the right guy to get your property sold.

  • Seema Than
    Seema Than
    I recently bought my first apartment with Corey’s assistance. He was very knowledgeable, approachable and helpful. I had very little knowledge about the home buying process, so he kindly guided me through it and provided many tips and insights. Best of all, he is very easy to communicate with, be it via texts, phone calls or in person. Corey was also always eager to answer any questions. I would recommend Corey, he had been extremely helpful.
  • Emily TAN
    Emily TAN
    Corey is simply great! He helped us sell our property in the first week he came in, at a very satisfied price, in a difficult situation. We must say only a precised one could possibly make this happen. He is the one with overall strategy, marketing experience and the skill of communication.
  • Liz & Paul
    Liz & Paul

    After becoming new parents last year, my husband and I started casually pondering the idea of upgrading to a larger apartment. At that time we were not fully committed to searching for a new home but a casual conversation with Corey completely changed everything. From the very beginning we were impressed with Corey’s professionalism, warm personality and amazing work ethic. Our goal had been to eventually purchase a bigger unit in the same building. Amazingly, within a matter of days of our initial conversation Corey was able to find us a perfect fit based on our needs. Our situation was a unique one as we were selling our unit in order to purchase another in the same building. It takes a very skilled realtor to be able to juggle the challenges and work involved in a buying / selling situation with time constraints such as ours, and Corey handled every detail perfectly. We were very much impressed with the personal attention we received; this is what we felt set Corey apart from other realtors. Even after the sale was completed Corey has maintained contact with us to ensure that our transition into our new home has gone smoothly.

    We were fortunate enough to work with Corey for the first time and will not hesitate to work with him again in the future for any of our real estate needs.

  • Kevin and Rumi McGloin
    Kevin and Rumi McGloin

    We had the pleasure of working with Corey the past 2 months and he exceeded all expectations. We had reached a point where we seriously doubted our condo would sell. However, upon hiring him he brought us 2 offers within the first month –the 2nd of which went through. We found Corey to be very honest, forthcoming and was great about keeping us apprised of potential sales. He also had some good suggestions on subtle changes we could make to make our place more presentable. We plan on buying again within the next few years and we have already decided we’ll be hiring Corey again for this.

  • Joesph & Ronda Schuler
    Joesph & Ronda Schuler

    My wife and I have recently sold our condominium in The Olive building at 3228 Tupper Street in Vancouver.

    Our selling real estate agent was Corey Zach of Re/Max Crest Realty Westside. We chose Corey for his enthusiastic nature and other positive attributes. He also told us that he had a buyer in mind for our unit. This was so because within days of listing with Corey, we had an offer from those buyers that he had mentioned and it concluded in a sale that was satisfactory to us. Although not an easy transaction, Corey applied his well honed negotiating skills to bring about a fruitful conclusion.

    All too often, realtors would say anything to get a listing. This was definitely not the case with Corey. In our dealings with Corey, he quickly proved that he was true to his word in every aspect of our business relationship.

    Corey provided all documents in a timely fashion and quickly responded to all of our requests.

    On a personal note, we have found Corey to be a conscientious, pleasant, patient, friendly and an amiable individual. His easy-going yet business-like character suits the profession that he has chosen.

    We do not hesitate in recommending Corey as your next realtor.

  • Tanya
    Thanks Corey, I’ve passed your name and coordinates onto some friends of mine who are thinking of buying, and will continue to pass on your coordinates to others. Keep up your authenticity, it is so rare in your field and it struck me immediately when I met you and when I talked with you on the phone.
  • 再次表示感谢!

    感谢Corey帮我在一周时间内卖掉Burnaby的独立屋。我经由朋友介绍认识Corey, 最初有些许顾虑,担心Corey在应对中国买家时有语言障碍,但是事实证明这种担心完全不必要。Corey用三天时间完成了平面图绘制,专业摄影拍摄,宣传页制作的工作。在两天Open house之后,就以高出要价5%的价格顺利将房子卖出。最让我印象深刻的是他严谨的工作态度,高效的工作效率,最重要的是高超的销售技巧

  • Jonathan St. Jean
    Jonathan St. Jean

    Corey, I just wanted to say thank you. I had a great experience purchasing my first place and I owe that to you. I’m still loving my place and definitely have no regrets. When Jinyi decided to buy her own place I made her call you because I new you went out of your way to get me the best deal you could and would do the same for her. I will gladly refer you to anyone I encounter that is looking to buy or sell. Once again many thanks and all the best in the new year!

  • Ryan Coleman & Christa Brooking
    Ryan Coleman & Christa Brooking

    Dear Corey, On behalf of Christa and myself, we would like to express our appreciation and complete satisfaction of the real estate services you provided us on the recent purchase of our condo. Being “first-time” home buyers, we were relatively nervous getting into the real estate market. With that being said, you took the time to put our nerves at ease and allowed us to move forward at a pace that was comfortable to us. It was great working with you and we would have no hesitation in recommending you to contacts and friends who are looking for realtor with first-class professionalism. Your extensive real estate experience combined with your professional manner and integrity made it pleasurable to work with you on purchasing our first home. Once again thank you for a job well done. We wish you continued success in all your endeavors. Sincerely,

  • M. Akasaki
    M. Akasaki

    “I recently purchased a home with the successful help of Corey. My wife and I are extremely happy with our buy and we give all the credit to Corey for going above and beyond our expectations as our Realtor. I would have no problem referring him to anybody we know as he does everything you want and more. One thing I noticed with him compared to other Realtor’s is he does what it takes to make sure his clients are happy as opposed to just making a quick buck. We will definitely be contacting Corey again when its time for another purchase.”

  • Jinyi

    I never got to thank you for helping me with my first home purchase. I really appreciate all your patience, guidance and really for making it such a fun experience. It was definitely nerve racking but it was really nice knowing you had my back and was always available even on a Friday night before the long weekend to put together an offer! That showed dedication! So thank you again and you can count on Jon and I coming back to you for all our future housing needs! Cheers and have a great week!

  • JLewis

    Corey Zach is an enthusiastic agent who is capable of matching a buyers wants with their needs and produce a perfect coupling. In just a few weeks he was able to line up multiple properties within my budget, booking viewings, proceed with required documentation and contracting, all while away on vacation. It is with this unique experience that i would highly recommend Corey to anyone i know, and in fact all ready have.

  • 最后再次感谢Corey为我们所做的一切,希望有机会再次与你合作。



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